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Eng Giacomo Berti, founder of Berti Engineering srl graduated from the University of Pisa with a logistics and production engineering degree and a mechanical engineering degree. Right after completing his first course of study, Eng Berti joined a leading company in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry as a production manager, a position that enabled him to realize that to keep the competitiveness of manufacturing companies high, the design stage should be aimed not just at creating functional, appealing products that fit for the purpose, but at setting target costs within which the prototypes must be built and the products must be manufactured on a large scale. Eng Berti soon had the opportunity to put this concept into practice, as he moved into the R&D department where he fully met the expectations of the company board by designing and developing a series of effective, reliable and durable industrial refrigerators and air treatment units which could be manufactured at a reasonable cost.


Driven by a thirst for knowledge and passionate about research geared towards real world application, Eng Berti returned to university and in the same time helped a maker of stone working machinery modernize and expand their range of computer numerical control machines, machining centres, marble turning lathes and water jet cutting machines. Following completion of his second course of study, Eng Berti obtained a Specialization in manufacturing technologies for the mechanical industry. Next, he started to provide with engineering consultancies several entrepreneurs eager to grow their businesses whose companies produce food machinery, stone production lines and mobile cranes.  


Whenever Eng. Berti accepts to assist a company to solve problems, improve efficiency and develop new products, he adopts an approach that emphasizes the importance of the product design phase. The product design process has a huge impact on the manufacturing process indeed, and accordingly on the company profitability. For example, if designers fail to consider the stages following design, various problems may arise during full-scale manufacture, and with them the need to go back to the design phase to correct mistakes, something which invariably leads to increased production costs. In other words, the support given by Eng. Berti to his customers far exceeds mere machinery and equipment engineering: it includes proper production planning, product and manufacturing process optimization, organizational strategy, structure and process.    

Manufacturing companies should pursue three main targets: product quality, flexible structures and enhancement of production capacity. According to Eng. Berti: <<The strength of any company somehow lies in the lines of its mechanical designs. Machinery makers should be able to manufacture highest quality products without investing in exorbitantly expensive equipment, and to do that they have to encourage staff creativity, so as to ceaselessly invent pieces of cutting-edge technology which will significantly improve working conditions for users. To take on a huge economic burden involving years of sacrifice is not really the right strategy to expand a manufacturing business: it rather entails high risks of inhibiting company growth.>>


In sum, restless innovation is the first key step to company growth: successful companies are forever launching new systems which prove safer, more functional, easier to maintain and cheaper to run than predecessor models. To promote staff personal and professional development must be regarded as a core value too: one of the things good managers do is to always listen to their staff ideas and remarks.

Berti Engineering customers are taught to adopt a methodology consisting of five phases (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) that makes it possible:

- to identify the problems which hit business profitability and hinder the company’s ability to compete internationally.

- To verify the current status of the company.

- To determine the causes of the company performance.

- To draw up a quality, efficiency and productivity improvement plan.

- To constantly monitor the entire implemented process.

In the vast majority of cases, this methodology allows companies to recover to a healthier financial position within a few months, because their production costs drop drastically. However, Berti Engineering customers take a quantum leap forward by learning how to continually update their existing products and to launch all-new versions far superior in many respects compared to the previous generation models. In fact, even the most revolutionary technologies ever created become obsolete sooner or later, and thus the ability to turn original ideas into futuristic, user-friendly pieces of machinery enables unsound companies to become strongly capitalized market leaders.

To describe the attitude which Eng Berti strives to instil in all Berti Engineering customers there is no better way than to cite a passage from his email correspondence with an entrepreneur interested in growing his small family business:  <<… most industry sectors, including yours, are increasingly crowded. Entrepreneurs who just try to survive to intense competition don’t get far in business: only companies having a winning mentality can expand and gain market share. However, winning mentality and ‘win at all costs’ mentality are not synonyms as many believe. I mean, without winning there is no business, and yet it is how companies win what really counts! To continuously strive for quality improvement, to design innovative technology solutions that fully meet clients’ exact needs, to deliver excellent customer service, to adequately reward the most motivated and talented employees, to encourage staff creativity: this is the right mentality. Successful companies shape their world…>>



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